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The Operator: Operation Diomedes

Book 3 in The Operator Series. Thrasher really has his hands full during this overseas adventure. Working directly for an OGA (other govt agency), Tommy will engage in a secret, black op to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on a literal ton of US Military hardware.

“Mr. Orr takes us along with our hero, Thomas Thrasher, on a new and dangerous adventure. Nic provides more of Thrasher’s background and experience as well as introducing several new characters that are both relatable and like-able. Be prepared to fall in love with The Operator series all over again.”

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Nicholas Orr

Best Selling Author

Nicolas Orr is the nom de plume for a civilized barbarian, a savage gentleman, with thirty plus years of operational and combat experience in the United States and overseas. Read more about Nic here.

Fiction is not just a distraction or mind candy. Some of the most important lessons ever told have been put into story form. It is the reader’s job to excavate the lessons from the gold mine of the fiction novel.

- Nicholas Orr

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